The Smart Search Services include executive search, head hunting, staff outsourcing, payroll management and more!

Recruitment solutions to fit your needs

At Smart Search we offer the full suite of Human Resources services, ranging from Executive Search to full business process outsourcing. Our services are geared toward multinational and regional companies operating in South East Asia, specifically designed to allow our clients to focus on core business growth whilst having the right team in place

Executive Search

Smart Search conducts executive search assignments at the Board Director; executive and functional Vice President levels. Our Recruitment Consultants are experienced Thailand Recruitment Consultants who are retained by well known multinationals as well as prominent venture firms and early stage companies. Smart Search executive recruitment is recognized as a quality executive headhunter recruitment firm in Bangkok that exceeds expectations by actively listening to its clients and consistently delivering results. We are committed to recruiting the best talent in the South East Asia. We have attracted the most successful search consultants with cutting edge industry and functional expertise. This high caliber of our search consultants will improve your recruiting process and allow your company to better understand the marketplace and the competitive landscape.


An employer will be interested to find the 'best' candidates in Bangkok for a top management position. Usually, the best candidates are gainfully employed and, as a rule, do not consider changing career. As headhunter's, our role is to find the right candidates, select the 'best' applicant among them and create the right conditions for the 'leaving' applicant, helping him or her to adapt to the new organization. Our process of headhunting starts with a detailed study of a client's needs. Our head-hunters are always willing to render consultations on detailed description of the required application's characteristics, help in establishing the salary level and optimizing working conditions. We then make up a vacancy description and develop the search strategy, allocating terms and resources for conducting a qualified search. The gathering of information about the candidates starts, accompanied by collecting the reference data and simultaneous market analysis – study of the companies that may currently employ the potential candidates.

Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll Outsourcing is designed for clients who want to concentrate on their business goals and move their focus away from internal process management. Smart Search’s Payroll Outsourcing service will ensure that client’s staff receive the right amount of salary at the right time, pay slips are provided to the staff (with the client’s logos if required) before the salary transfer date and any staff payroll questions and concerns are given the highest priority. In addition, Smart Search will ensure that all legal and government tax requirements are fulfilled in line with the requirements of the government of Thailand.. We offer an efficient, well organized and proven payroll service and take full responsibility for the establishment of process and the execution of service.

Staff Outsourcing

Contract and Temporary Staff Outsourcing Services is designed for clients who typically, and on short notice, want to employ staff for a fixed length of time. Smart Search combines our recruitment teams with our payroll and HR Outsourcing Services to achieve a complete Contract and Temporary Outsourcing Staff solution. Smart Search’s Contract and Temporary Staff Outsourcing service allows our clients to match their staff needs to their business demands without the legal, image and monetary risks of employing full time staff. We take full responsibility for quickly selecting the right staff and then maintaining the payroll, replacement, recruitment and contentment of these staff while allowing our clients to focus on the staff's day-to-day management. This Service is ideal for multinational companies setting up representative offices in Thailand for short and long term employment during the initial periods of their local establishment.




Focusing searches on senior level talent, we provide you with your leaders. Our demands for short listed candidates are stringent and will always take “company fit” into account.



Payroll Outsourcing is designed for clients who want to concentrate on their business goals and move their focus away from internal process management.



As headhunter's, our role is to find only the right candidates, selecting the 'best' applicant among them and creating the right conditions for the applicant to join your organization.


  1. 1

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    1Candidate Interview

    Select candidates are invited to meet with our Recruitment Consultant here at our office.
    During these interviews we aim to get an understanding of the following:

    • Your current skills and responsibilities

    • Your expectation of any new employer and

    • Your salary breakdown and future

    • Why you are looking for a new opportunity

    We will discuss any current opportunities
    we have and will then agree on the best
    way to proceed and represent your CV.

  3. 3

    2References and Checks

    After the interview we will conduct at least 2 reference checks. We will also request names of your references, salary verification documents and any educational documents.

  4. 4

    4Presentation To Companies

    Once a detailed CV has been completed, our consultants will send your CV to any suitable clients that we are representing.

  5. 5

    5Interview Prep

    Once a detailed CV has been completed, our consultants will sendAfter scheduling and confirming interviews for you, we will prepare you by providing the following information:

    • Detailed position information

    • Detailed company information

    • What to expect in the interview

  6. 6

    6Interview Follow-Up

    After each interview your Consultant will follow-up with both you and the company to get feedback on the following:

    • Culture fit

    • Skills fit

    • General gut feel

    • Salary expectation.

    • Feedback is then passed back onto you as the candidate.

  7. 7

    7Salary Negotiation

    As long as both you and the client wish to take it further after the interview, we will give you guidance and confirmation on what any next steps will be.
    We will negotiate on your behalf on salary, benefits and any other important details. We also provide answers to any questions that either you might still have.

  8. 8

    8Contract Signing

    We understand that moving to a new company is stressful and have trained our consultants to help you deal with the change.
    We will help every candidate through the signing of the contract and resignation from your current job. We can provide you with sample resignation letters, information on fear of change and the one thing every candidate can expect – a counter offer.

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