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​Ultimate Guide to Digitize Your Recruitment Process

Get the most human department into digital world

Ultimate guide to digitize your recruitment process

Talent acquisition and the HR department overall have been revamped and moved forward into the new digital era. As we know that HR has before used to be an administrative job, it is redefined and changed to HR strategic manners. Recruitment process in the past 5 years has been developing. The recruitment procedure that includes candidate sourcing is heavily depending on the online approaches from the job board, LinkedIn, and all those online applications to the employee training process. As the recruitment procedure has flourished, it is notable to look through how the company could transform and digitize the recruitment methods.

1.      Utilize applicant tracking system

Recruitment does not mean filling the form, appointing the interview, and calling to follow up on candidates anymore, all these steps can be simply replaced by the smart ATS system which intends to remove unnecessary redundant work and give the administrative tasks to AI and software. It increases the productivity and capabilities of recruiters, hiring managers, and HR teams with a centralized database.

2.       Mobile recruiting

As Thais ranked second, globally, for time spent on mobile phones and fifth for time spent on the Internet. Moreover, they spend an average of 2 hours 55 minutes per day on social media; 99 percent of users also watched online videos (Datareportal, 2020)

It is undeniable that mobile recruiting is the platform that will gradually become  popular. We need to make sure every step of the recruitment process should be mobile friendly which leads us to the next advantageous point.


3.      Digital structured video interview

There are many free tools out there for these video platforms such as Zoom, Skype or GoToMeeting. Digitizing structured interviews is a natural process in the advancement of
recruitment technology. By doing this, it helps recruiters to complete their job more efficiently and with lower stress. Going paperless or application-based also help keep candidates organized as all the data are saved in the system for you to review, allowing recruiters to look at candidates and their answers side-by-side.


4.      Using paperless resignation for job offers

Same goes with the previous point, the Paperless Signature provides the electronic “click-to-sign” signature which allows documents to be signed electronically via the Internet (PCWorld, 2013). This type of electronic signature is recommended for remote processes, which does not include physical contact between the signing parties. It is useful for any business contract terms or with candidates' offer letter.

What is the benefit of digitizing the recruitment process?

Firstly, this helps reduce time spent on the whole process. Recruitment process in the old days used to be complicated and time consuming. It started from one company announcing their job ads through newspapers, magazines or advertising leaflets and waited for days, weeks or even months for the right candidate to notice and proceed to the next step. Whereas nowadays, technology helps minimize time and costspent on the sourcing process.

Job ads on social media are more likely to attract job seekers faster as it is the most popular and most used marketplace in recent days. Searching for qualified candidates has never been this fast and easy. Recruitment digitalization helps a company skip those excess steps like printing and posting leaflets, taking days to digest paperwork like CVs and contracts, and arranging an interview at the office which sometimes double the company's expenses (TechTarget, 2016).  

Nowadays, HR lets AI does administrative work like candidates scanning and transforms some processes into virtual events. For example, video call interviews or even contract signingwhich is not only saves time and cost but also boosts up recruiting efficiency and brings it to the next level as digitalization allows recruiters to access a wider range of data through online platforms and create more chances for them to match with the right job seekers (PlugandPlay, 2020).  On the other hand, it is also beneficial forusers as the new platform provides a service on demand, which means users could reach internet-based services anytime and anywhere unlike before.

All in all, it is right to say that digitalization will help improve recruitment’s productivity and it will be even more crucial for digital recruitment agencies as digitalization is the key to gain advantage over their competitors. So, if you are looking for an accelerator to grow in a digital recruitment industry. Here comes your revolutionary opportunity. Bring digitalization to your recruitment process to boost your company’s efficiency and make your company stand out in the fast-paced world. It is important to adapt to the digital era because emerging technologies are changing our work life.

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