Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Smart Search, Jobs in Thailand and Executive Search Services.

  • What does a recruitment company do?
    A recruitment company provides services to people looking for work. They typically informally interview you and then act as your representative, putting you forward to their clients that have job vacancies not always announced to the general public.
  • Why not just apply for a job directly?
    There is always the option to apply for jobs directly with employers. However, at Smart Search we have a large number of employers who will only use recruitment agencies to find their employees. Some employers will not advertise using traditional methods but will leave recruitment up to agencies. Employees through agencies have usually been vetted and employers can be confident that they are getting a high standard of candidate.
  • How do I register with Smart Search Recruitment?
    You will need to register for Smart Search before we can find work for you. The registration process is really simple. Just submit your resume here After your details have been entered into our database one of our consultants will be able to contact you.
  • What happens once I register with Smart Search Recruitment?
    If your area of expertise falls within one of our portfolio areas, we will be in contact ASAP, by either a phone call, an email. We will keep your profile and continually match you to new and existing job vacancies.
  • Can Smart Search guarantee me work?
    As with all job searching efforts, the success a candidate finding work rests solely on the individual’s capabilities, and experience as well as their own personal interview capabilities. While Smart Search can play a vital role in helping you with your success in applying for job opening, we cannot guarantee employment.
  • Why use Smart Search Recruitment and not other agencies?
    There is nothing stopping a candidate registering with different recruitment agencies however relying on Smart Search will ensure your career is taken with great care and compassion. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of service to our clients and candidates alike.
  • If offered a position do I have to take it?
    You do not need to take a job if Smart Search offers it to you. In most cases it is wise to not accept a job that you know you will be unhappy in. Good recruitment agencies will try to find the best match for their candidates. Recruitment is sales based and the more employees they have working the better. It is in the agency’s interest to find positions for new candidates rather than finding new jobs for those they have already found positions for.
  • How long are my details kept?
    A candidate’s details are kept for a maximum of 5 years from the time of first registration. After which our system will automatically send you an email asking you for permission to update your current employment status and also ask if your employment status had changed in any way.
  • Do I have to let Smart Search Recruitment know if I find another job?
    If you find a new position or your employment availability has changed in anyway, Smart Search would like you to notify us of any changes, to allow us to be able to serve you more effectively.
  • Why do agencies tell me the jobs they advertise are no longer available?
    Recruitment agencies are businesses and they need to attract candidates just as shops need to attract customers. Smart Search will often advertise certain jobs simply to bring in candidates in order to register them on their books. This does not always mean the jobs advertised do not exist; they may simply be the type of jobs they have but do not have available at the moment. It is always better for an agency to have candidates on their books that can fill positions if they do become available.
  • What are the benefits of using a search firm?
    An exceptional recruitment company will increase your bottom line - by identifying candidates who can add real value to your organization. Long term, such a company can also aid in a strategic role, working with you on expansions, major projects etc. to ensure the right people are on board to achieve the desired results. And while the recruitment company takes care of finding you the right people, it allows you to get on with the important things - like running a successful business.
  • What areas do you specialise in?
    Smart Search is able to recruit across a wide variety of sectors as it should in a developing economy such as South East Asia. Due to the dynamism of the growing economies of South East Asia, Smart Search is able to adapt and recruit successfully in all sectors due to the wide range of experiences of their Recruitment Consultants.
  • How long do you spend interviewing candidates?
    Smart Search will interview candidates at least 2 times prior to a formal shortlisting of candidates. During our interviews, our Recruitment Consultants will do an in-depth personality as well as functionally assessment of each candidate’s experiences including an English skills ability assessment by a native English speaker.
  • How much information do I need to provide when briefing you?
    The success of a Recruitment Consultants ability will rely heavily on the client’s needs being briefed in detail. The more information a company is able to share, the higher our success rate. We have been successful where other recruitment solutions have failed because we act as a genuine business partner and vet all candidates to ensure they are closely suited to the openings we are tasked with recruiting.
  • How can I get the most from my recruitment consultancy?
    Having a detailed recruitment brief which clearly indicated the details of each vacancy as well as being able to communicate openly will enhance our success. Smart Search will continually work on our client’s behalf and communicate regularly to ensure are search process is tailored to the exact needs of each of our individual client’s business needs.
  • What happens when candidates are presented to me by the recruitment specialist?
    When Smart Search present a short listing of candidates, we will provide a summation of each candidate’s skills, work experiences and a detailed background assessment of each presented candidate. Additionally our Recruitment Consultants will give a personal summation of our views on each candidate’s potential suited to each search parameter
  • What happens if the candidate does not work out?
    When the rare instance of a candidate not meeting expectations occurs, Smart Search provide a guarantee period to cover our clients and replace these candidates. This ensures the risk of using a recruitment consultant is built upon our ability to find great candidates.
  • Where do you advertise?
    As a proven executive search company, we do not believe in using traditional advertisement methods that have shown to be costly and not effective in South East Asia. However we do make use of digital channels as both part of our search and promotional strategies. We do not charge our client any additional advertisement fees and all costs are borne by Smart Search.
  • What geographical areas do you service?
    Because Smart Search is a member of Glasford International we are able to recruit across over 40 countries internationally, but our speciality is within the confines of South East Asia.
  • What are the fees?
    Smart Search will charge at a rate of between 17% and 22% of each successfully placed candidate's annual gross remuneration (i.e. gross salary plus the value of other compensational benefits including guaranteed incentives, commission and allowances).



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