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When searching for candidates we aim to make all parties happy and keep the process as streamlined as possible. Check the diagram below.THE PROCESS

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Before we can find work for you we know to know who you are. Our simple registration process starts with submitting your resume using our simple form here. After we have your details our Recruitment Consultants will be able to consider you for job opportunities.

  1. 1

  2. 2

    1Candidate Interview

    Select candidates are invited to meet with our Recruitment Consultant here at our office. During these interviews we aim to get an understanding of the following:
    • Your current skills and responsibilities
    • Your expectation of any new employer and positions
    • Your salary breakdown and future expectations
    • Why you are looking for a new opportunity

    We will discuss any current opportunities we have and will then agree on the best way to proceed and represent your CV.

  3. 3

    2References and Checks

    After the interview we will conduct at least 2 reference checks. We will also request names of your references, salary verification documents and any educational documents.

  4. 4

    4Presentation To Companies

    Once a detailed CV has been completed, our consultants will send your CV to any suitable clients that we are representing.

  5. 5

    5Interview Prep

    Once a detailed CV has been completed, our consultants will sendAfter scheduling and confirming interviews for you, we will prepare you by providing the following information:
    • Detailed position information
    • Detailed company information
    • What to expect in the interview

  6. 6

    6Interview Follow-Up

    After each interview your Consultant will follow-up with both you and the company to get feedback on the following:
    • Culture fit
    • Skills fit
    • General gut feel
    • Salary expectation.
    • Feedback is then passed back onto you as the candidate.

  7. 7

    7Salary Negotiation

    As long as both you and the client wish to take it further after the interview, we will give you guidance and confirmation on what any next steps will be. We will negotiate on your behalf on salary, benefits and any other important details. We also provide answers to any questions that either you might still have.

  8. 8

    8Contract Signing

    We understand that moving to a new company is stressful and have trained our consultants to help you deal with the change. We will help every candidate through the signing of the contract and resignation from your current job. We can provide you with sample resignation letters, information on fear of change and the one thing every candidate can expect – a counter offer.


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