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Smart Search will interview candidates at least 2 times before a formal shortlisting of candidates. During our interviews, our Recruitment Consultants will do an in-depth personality as well as functionally assessing each candidate’s experiences including an English skills ability assessment by a native English speaker.
There is always the option to apply for jobs directly with employers. However, at Smart Search, we have a large number of employers who will only use recruitment agencies to find their employees. Some employers will not advertise using traditional methods but will leave recruitment up to agencies. Employees through agencies have usually been vetted, and employers can be confident that they are getting a high standard of candidate.
If your area of expertise falls within one of our portfolio areas, we will be in contact ASAP, by either a phone call, an email. We will keep your profile and continually match you to new and existing job vacancies.
A candidate’s details are kept for a maximum of 5 years from the time of first registration. After which our system will automatically send you an email asking you for permission to update your current employment status and also ask if your employment status had changed in any way.
Recruitment agencies are businesses, and they need to attract candidates just as shops need to attract customers. Smart Search will often advertise certain jobs simply to bring in candidates to register them on their books. This does not always mean the jobs advertised do not exist; they may simply be the type of jobs they have but do not have available at the moment. It is always better for an agency to have candidates on their books that can fill positions if they do become available.
A recruitment company provides services to people looking for work. They typically informally interview you and then act as your representative, putting you forward to their clients that have job vacancies not always announced to the general public.
You will need to register for Smart Search before we can find work for you. The registration process is really simple. Just submit your resume here After your details have been entered into our database one of our consultants will be able to contact you.
As with all job searching efforts, the success a candidate finding work rests solely on the individual’s capabilities, and experience as well as their interview capabilities. While Smart Search can play a vital role in helping you with your success in applying for a job opening, we cannot guarantee employment.
You do not need to take a job if Smart Search offers it to you. In most cases, it is wise not to accept a job that you know you will be unhappy in. Good recruitment agencies will try to find the best match for their candidates. Recruitment is sales based and the more employees they have working, the better. It is in the agency’s interest to find positions for new candidates rather than finding new jobs for those they have already found positions for.
If you find a new position or your employment availability has changed in any way, Smart Search would like you to notify us of any changes, to allow us to be able to serve you more effectively.

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