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Concentrate on business goals and move your focus away from internal process management.

For all companies their employees are their most valuable and crucial assets, and managing payroll processes are also crucial to maintain employees moral and well-being.. Ensuring that they are paid on time and that you have met all Thailand regulatory requirements is also of the utmost importance. The impact of not managing this correctly can have a significant impact on the success of your business.


Smart Search offers payroll services in Bangkok to Thailand-based companies. Using our unique, digital platform, we can ensure that your company is in compliance with all HR and payroll rules and regulations.


Smart Search will ensure that one of the most challenging aspects of common payroll challenges are met to ensure a business can focus on more crucial and strategic aspects of there day to day businesses.


We can support you with comprehensive outsourced payroll services in Thailand. Our services provide ensure high levels of confidentiality, extreme accuracy which in turn enable you to concentrate on your core business strategies. Most importantly, we will ensure that your Thailand employees are paid on your company’s normally scheduled pay days and will manage the following as a continual part of our payroll services.


  • Processing of Payroll can be adapted to weekly, bi-monthly or monthly payroll requests
  • Creation of Pay slips (e-slips)
  • Payroll Submissions to individual employees’ accounts
  • Preparation and Payments to Thai Tax authorities, Social Security Fund and Provident funds


  • Social Security Fund reports and returns
  • Preparation of the personal income tax returns and forms (PND1)
  • Social Security Fund registrations for new and departing employees.
  • Preparation of Workmen’s Compensation Fund payments and administration
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  • Withholding tax certificates and returns
  • Filing all tax and social security returns to Thailand regulations
  • Administration and management your company’s provident fund

As your business continues to grow and expand in South East Asia, managing staffing and payroll becomes increasingly complex with constant changing taxation and income taxation regulations. Failing to comply accurate and timely returns, paying employees correctly or maintain confidentiality can surmount to fines and more importantly creating negativity in an employee who is not paid accurately.

We ensure our payroll services are adapted to your company’s pay polices and regulations allowing companies to choose the level of service that is needed both now and in the future.

We advise our clients of all the statutory requirements and changes that might occur and take on the responsibility for the day-to-day management of these to ensure companies are in compliance.

Our payroll service teams will undertake all administration and processing activities, increasing efficiency and productivity by enabling your staff to focus on the business’ core functions.

Smart Search have partnered with a state of the art HRIS system designed specifically for the complex payroll regulations and administration in South East Asia to deliver cloud payroll solutions to our clients and their respective employees. Our Self Service HRIS system increases efficiency, reduces payroll errors and allows every employee to have a better experience that can be accessed from anywhere globally.

Should you have any questions regarding payroll processes and our payroll services please feel free to get in touch with us.

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