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    When candidates are looking for a new job, we all know that not everyone gets approached by the recruiters and Hiring Managers. Candidates often struggle to understand why their applications do not entice recruiters to reach out to them and normally the first point of entry when looking for a new job is the Resume.

    Not only does a “Professional Profile” help you get noticed but creating a resume specially for the job that you apply for will help greatly in getting an interview or call of a recruiter. In terms of representing yourself, there various ways to make yourself really stand out as the average recruiter or recruitment consultant can received hundreds of CVs for each position that are recruiting for. Recruitment Consultants not only look at your working experiences but the are also interested to learn more about your passion apart from work, so emphasis your hobbies or out of work activities that are relevant to the job that you are applying for will help improve you to get noticed.

    Getting a new opportunity may acquire a number of different acquired experiences and skills but that sometimes is not always sufficient to get noticed or get the job that you are applying for so tailor your resume to the job that you applying for an add in hobbies and extra experiences that you feel are relevant to the job.

    Staying updates on job trends

    The more time you are spending on something, the more you gain a greater understanding not just when it comes to work but most things in life. Some people are fortunate that you already know something when you are searching for a job, and immediately get an opportunity to interview. In demand skills change with each day, and staying abreast of these high demands skills is crucial to not only getting a new job but also making yourself current in today’s job market. Start following recruitment blogs like Smart Search Recruitment’s posts, read a new content, consult with your friends in other fields of work to gain more knowledge as well as following news feeds n Linkedin and other professional social media sites The more “current” you are as a candidate the more successful you will be in your job search and you can always call a recruitment consultant to ask for advice as its in their best interests to help you be successful.

    Making a move on LinkedIn

    Professionals in Thailand are more and move finding themselves on social networks specially in Thailand and Linkedin is a growing social network of professionals that is one of the main sources people keep abreast of news and also find new opportunities. Growing your connections on Linkedin will help you be seen and connected. Then the next step to consider is to make your profile outstanding 5 Things Recruiters Notice First on Your Resume. Not only try growing your connections but post content about your knowledge and stay visibility as recruiters will soon notice you.

    Upgrading your skill and keep yourself updated

    To make your profile stronger, you need to know yourself, your skills, leadership, personality, and personal style and try to make it presentable in a professional way. Moreover, you will be spotted if your skills are quite significant and relevant to your current job and making yourself noticed outside of your work place is crucial when you are looking to grow yourself professional in a new job.

    These trends change constantly and knowing where o position yourself and how to get noticed by recruitment professionals who don’t know you can be a daunting task for many, but its not impossible. Millions of people change jobs each year and this is no different in Thailand so keep yourself current and noticed and soon enough you will find yourself getting noticed but more and more recruiters and Hiring Managers.

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