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    These days there’s no big surprise that Linkedin has become a partner of business’s success. It connects people in various business industries, clients, business partners, colleagues. With the modernization of technology, relationship management, and communication business-wise have become much easier nowadays together with help from social media platforms.

    Linkedin is similar to those social media platforms but it’s more professional. Those we use in daily life are mostly considered informal or casual as the purpose of those platforms is to share your daily activities, local and global news as well as other entertainment. In contrary to not make Linkedin become one of those entertaining social media platforms. We are suggesting 5 tips to stay professional on Linkedin.

    1 – It’s all about visual appearance

    The first thing you will see when you click on someone’s profile is their picture, name and professional occupation. Make sure you have everything listed up correctly as follow. Your photo should be either according to your company’s reference or business causal preference in a business manner. Noticeably it shouldn’t be a selfie or a family photo. You should only be the one who’s visible on the photo. More Tips for the Perfect Profile Picture for Linkedin

    Choose your name wisely: Different nationalities have different names, but we can’t deny that one of the acceptable languages we use in the global business world is English. Using your name in English makes it easier for others to read your name correctly. Avoid using your nickname or anything appropriate.

    Make your position clear: Another thing that appears on your profile is your position and your employer. Give correct information for what position and where you’re working to give others who are contacting you a better understanding with whom they are talking to. Understandably that some of that information could be sensitive so make sure you only give essential (only information that others could know) information in this part.

    2 – Feed the (news) Feed with business-relevant content

    As mentioned, LinkedIn is not like other social networks. We do not need to know who you hang out with on weekend (when it’s not business propose). You might have seen some posts that made you wonder if this is was dating site – It’s not. Make sure that the contents you post, or share are related to your job or considered useful for your business interest. Avoid sensitive contents such as Religion or Politics as this depends on personals preference and point of view. We are creating a business community. In order to avoid conflict, you could share or write something relevant to current business trends or topics you’re an expert at. For example: sharing your work tips, your work experiences, etc. You don’t need to be afraid to create content either in your native language or in English. If your connection is interested in talking to you. Frankly speaking, it could be better if you write it correctly, but the language shouldn’t be a burden when you put on your effort.

    3 – Connection is important

    LinkedIn is all about connection. You can connect to people all over the world in all business industries. But be careful before connecting or accepting any connection with
    someone. The first step I recommend to only connect with your mutual contacts in daily life such as your former or current colleagues as well as your boss. Because when someone connects with you, people in your network can see your connection if you haven’t set the connection privacy. After you have enough connection and would like to explore or connect with others out of your network, you can gently start with mutual people with your connection such as people in the same industry before connecting with someone completely out of your network. Don’t be hesitant to contact those people on LinkedIn as no one would know if one day your paths could cross.

    4 – Join LinkedIn Group

    What comes together with connection is mutual interest. You connect with someone when you have something in Mutual. LinkedIn allow people with mutual interest to create or join a Group. It can either be a school or company’s alumni group, Group of same professional occupation or group of people whose experts in a set of skills. Joining a group allow you to connect and engage more about the topic from different perspectives with different ideas.

    5 – Widen your account by paying a little bit to LinkedIn

    You might be wondered how the platform profits from this service. If you notice, there’s a golden button on the top right corner which specifies if you’re a premium member. Premium member indicates special benefits you gain by paying LinkedIn from approx. 30 to 100 USD per month depending on the plan you select. Different packages provide different benefits and propose, the more you pay the more functions you get. For example, you can see who views your profile or you can browse profiles unlimitedly. You need to consider if what you pay is worth it for the benefits you get and if it enhances the propose of using LinkedIn.

    Keep in mind that LinkedIn is a professional business platform and you are the one who played a part in the community. If you want to be a professional in the business world.
    Don’t make it become one of your regular social media profiles. Keep it professional, all those opportunities are waiting for you.

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