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    When it comes to recruiting and sourcing for new employees, the HR personnel could be overwhelmed with the requirements, job description, and how to find the perfect candidates who fit with the role. The recruitment process itself takes time and costs, but if you need to find the right person for your organization, you might need to spot the candidates’ talent and competency as soon as possible. There are a few things to be aware of.

    Who is your ideal candidate?

    For this question, the department or line manager should be the one who helps the HR personnel define the answer. To help the HR personnel move along faster and more effectively with the hiring process, the HR personnel should work together with the department manager. Discussing their previous experiences and the needs of the organization could help the HR personnel or recruiter narrow down the best talent.

    Do not always trust what is on the paper

    The HR personnel and recruiters are reading a pile of resumes daily. Sometimes we find what they claim to be on the resume does not match with what they are. This is where the Face-to-Face interview plays an important role. The HR personnel should pay attention during the interview
    process. Find the candidates’ strong points as well as their weaknesses. Remind talking about what is on the paper but instead discuss something out of the box.​

    Find out why they want to join your organization

    This is common in every hiring process to ask the candidate why they want to be a part of the company. A smart candidate would not answer something like a salary’s raise or a better career path. If they show any interest in your company’s business by mentioning the products or services as well as if they can determine your competitor as well, you can consider this as a good sign.

    Ask them to conduct some work or presentations

    Verbally interviews might not be enough to see what the candidates can do. Sometimes after a first step interview, you can assign them a topic related to the job for them to prepare for the next round of interviews. This does not only show if the candidate dedicated and willing to the given assignment but also proves if their skills match the role. The assignment or presentation is considered a primary task that shows if they can do the job.

    A reference check gives you insights about the candidate

    Normally the HR personnel asks the candidate for a reference check at the end or almost-final process, but it is acceptable to do a reference before that as well. You can either ask the candidate to provide the reference contact or use your connection (if you have) and contact them directly. A chat with their previous boss or HR gives you more understanding about this person from another perspective. Discuss their personalities, as well as their work ethics, is essential.

    It is quite common that the hiring process could take longer than expected. The HR personnel, as well as the company, should take time to consider if the candidate is right for the position in the long run. If the candidate is worthy enough to invest in or if they can contribute to the company. We hope the mentioned topics above could give you some bits of advice to shorten those process and help you find the right one for your organization.

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