Moving into your new work environment could be a difficult thing but there’s no need to panic! We all been through this before like when you’re the new kid at a new school or starting off your college life alone at the dorm knowing no one. When starting your career at a new company is somewhat like that with a few details changed. Let’s dive in and start settle down onto your new working place with us!
    1. Know more about your company


    Before starting or even have a job interview, make sure to research about the firm such as the organizational chart, work culture, the people in your team. By doing this you will not be completely lost when starting your new job. At least remember a few faces and names that of the people you will be involved with in the future. During the job interview, you can always ask for direct experience on the working culture of the company from you interviewer/supervisor in order to see if you would match the culture and make a good first impression.

    2. Be curious


    Not only you should ask questions on your interview, but you should also be curious and ask more questions when you start your career at the new company. Ask your collogues, supervisors or even subordinates about anything that you want since those who worked there before you always have something useful to offer to the newbie. Whether it’s a professional questions or silly ones, this could present you as a new joiner who is committing and wonderous.

    3. Be respectful


    This tip might be obvious for most of the people, but you must keep in mind that everyone in there have more experience than you, work vise. Even if they’re younger or older it is only make sense to respect everyone who came before or after you. Being respectful is not a disadvantage or a weakness but it is a good practice to fit in to a new place professionally.

    4. Be adaptive


    There might be some usual cultures at the new company but when you ever faced a new culture make sure to be adaptive and blend into the situation. For example, if the people are getting off work a little later than what the contract said, maybe you could go along. It is not good for you to break the existing tradition in the first few weeks of working but may be once they got to know you better later on, it would be acceptable.

    5. Be helpful


    I am sure that there are a lot of free time during the first few days of working in a new place. You will have to wait for the computer to setup or wait for your supervisor to onboard you. Thus, during your free time make sure to offer help for your collogues by just asking if there’s anything for you to help. You will not only make great friends but also get to learn about your job.

    6. Be cautious


    When you are done with a certain assignment, make sure to ask for feedback from your colleagues. Not only they can help you checking the outcome, but you can learn new point of view or experience from them. Asking for feedback is always a product of good employees not just when starting a new job but for always.

    After reviewing what to do before joining a new company, make sure to have fun and learn new things in each job. It is a stressful step for your career, but it could also be beneficial since you can start new career life with new people and what happened in your previous job will not carried on to your new place. Good luck!

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