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    There are many types of recruitment openings these days here in Thailand, while some are waiting for candidates to click that apply button, some might be already cold-calling passive candidates and attracting them to positions. But sometimes the talent acquisition professionals might receive some questions back when candidates have no idea who you are. What would you do when this happens?

    Start by introducing your business rather than go straight to the job details

    It is important to let the candidates know who you are and what you do while approaching them. If this happens in a phone call, introduce your company’s business type, and perhaps a brief founding history, do not hesitate to share your company profile or website to engage the candidates’ interest. Share with them a little bit of the company’s plan when possible so they can see the company’s purposes and future visions.

    Mentioning other companies or competitors is not always a bad move

    We could say this is the easiest way to let them know who you are by mentioning famous companies or others who are your direct and indirect competitors or who are in the same business industry. This does not only allow them to understand your company’s business but also shows the company’s positioning in the market. Comparing your company to your competitor and providing competitive analysis helps the candidate understand more about the company.

    Inviting the candidates to your company

    It is common in the hiring process to invite the candidates to your company for a F2F interview. Allow candidates to explore more about your organization by arranging a company tour. You could introduce them to some organizations’ departments to let them know what you guys are doing. The company tour can help reassure the interest in both parties; Company shows that they want the candidate to be a part and get to know with the team, the candidates can observe the culture and the company’s working style and evaluate if this company will be a fit for them. To see the organization in action builds more impacts and validity.

    Show your key products and service

    Some only know the products but have zero ideas about the company. Most brands are well-known by PR or marketing activities which leaves the company unrecognized. You might be expecting the candidates to do some research before an interview but learning the information from an internal source is better. Talent acquisition professional should be the one who connects the dots; introducing the products or brands which are under the company.

    Follow up after the interview

    Not only the candidates should follow up after the interviews but also the company. It is always important to follow up with the candidates after the interviews to get feedback and to see if they are interested in the role and the company. Especially when you are a start-up or small company, candidates might have further questions that they did not ask during the interview. The talent acquisition professional should be the one who can clarify the concerns that candidates might have about the company.

    This situation when the candidates have no idea about your company is not new. The company is the one who can make themselves recognized. Be truthful and precise about what you are doing and what you are planning to do, and do not hesitate to let the candidates know. They should have sufficient information about the company they do not know to consider if this will be a positive path to build a career here.

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