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    As Video interviews are becoming a common practice in hiring, as more companies are using HR technology tools to be more efficient in the way they recruit new talent. Some of the most common video platforms that companies use for job interviews are Skype, MS Teams and Google Meet Here are some video interview tips to help you get started:

    During a face-to-face interview, you will usually need to bring with you some documents such as your resume or portfolio to show and discuss your abilities and skills with the hiring manager. A video interview is no different. If your interview has been arranged by a Recruitment Consultant Like Smart Search Recruitment, the Recruitment Consultant will have already prepared your working experiences and CV, so this step normally will not be applicable to you. But to those who are interviewing on their own directly with a company this is an important first step to prepare.

    You should prepare relevant documents either on your desktop or in an open tab on your browser and have the printed copy in front of you for easy reference. This way, if you’re asked to share anything during the interview, you won’t have to ask for time to find it and look like you have not come prepared.

    You can even keep a document that details your biggest achievements handy, in case you need a reminder of what to say during the interview.

    Before and during the entire process of the video interview, make sure that you close all the unnecessary tabs and programs in the background. This keeps the device you are using for the interview clear of anything that could potentially compromise you if you’re asked to share your screen. Screen sharing during a video call interview is common for roles in development and creative functions, as you might be asked to demonstrate your coding skills or showcase your creative portfolio.

    Take note of the environment in which you choose to have your video interview. You should make sure that you’re in a quiet environment and lock the room door to avoid having a friend or family member enter the room during the Video Interview.

    Some hiring managers have shared with us that some of the candidates have chat windows open to ask their friends for help during the interview or search for answers online. These actions could call your credibility into question. You don’t want to jeopardise your chances of getting the job, so make sure that you’re prepared for the interview beforehand and pay full attention to the interviewer.

    Just because it is not a face-to-face interview doesn’t mean that you don’t need to forget your professionalism and personality. After all, the first impression matters greatly and often make a long-lasting impression on how well you will fit into the role you are interviewing for.

    Body language can help to maintain your calmness and overall ability on how you react to challenging questions, so keep it open and approachable. Don’t forget to smile and use the opportunity to showcase your personality, which can help you establish a connection with the interviewer.

    Maintain eye contact with your interviewer – even though this can be tricky when you’re doing so through a screen. Experts advise that you need to find a balance between looking at the image of your interviewer on the screen and addressing yourself directly to the camera.

    Wearing the right clothes can boost your self-confidence and puts you in the right mindset for a formal interview, so make sure you’re dressed professionally for the video interview. It’s important not to neglect the bottom half of your body, as many candidates do when taking part in a video interview. You don’t want to be caught in your shorts when you’re asked to stand up to deliver a presentation.

    One way to help settle your nerves before the job interview video is to make sure you have thoroughly tested the required technical set up of the video platform you are using. With so many different video options available all system are not identical, so getting familiar with the technical aspect of the interview is also something to prepare for.

    Log in ahead of the interview to figure out if you’ll encounter any password issues, network problems or other concerns that you may not have anticipated. If you’re required to sign in on a video platform that you haven’t logged on for a period of time or do not have an account with, give yourself ample time to create an account or new password before the actual job interview.

    If you are using a laptop, make sure that it is fully charged and that both the speaker and microphone are working properly. You could also record yourself answering potential job interview questions and watch the replay to determine if you need to amend your body language or eye contact. You should also ensure that you do not have too many tabs and windows open to avoid your video freezing during the interview.

    Use this time to make sure that you’re positioned properly on the screen so that the interviewer will see you at your best angle. Camera angles are very important during video screening interviews. You shouldn’t be looking up or down at the person you’ll be addressing.

    You should also make sure that the user profile that is linked to the video conference program is up to date and professional. Get rid of nicknames or statuses that are stuffed with emojis and replace any unflattering or inappropriate profile pictures. You want to be taken seriously as a competent professional, instead of coming across as being too immature or frivolous.

    Asking the right questions during the interview can help you work out what the company culture is like and if their values are aligned with yours.

    It is also a good time to consider what your priorities are when looking for an employer. For example, if what’s important to you is career development, ask about their learning and development programs and training options. If culture matters more, you can find out how your prospective manager would motivate their team. If having the latest technology is critical to your work, you can ask about the technologies and software that the company uses to ascertain if they meet your needs.

    Video job interviews are no doubt nerve-wracking, but they have significant advantages. You won’t run the risk of being late after getting stuck in traffic, and you can even choose to take the interview at a setting that you’re most comfortable in. Remembering the benefits can help you stay calm during the process and acting on the above tips should give you the confidence to nail that video interview.

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