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    When it comes to recruitment, recruiters play many essential roles. The responsibilities of recruiters include reviewing a candidate’s work experiences, arranging the interview, negotiating salaries, and placing candidates in agreeable conditions. The goal of recruiters is to find and place a suitable candidate in an opening opportunity. In order to place a candidate, recruiters must guide and help candidate along the hiring process. Here are the 3 focal points on how recruiters should help candidates in the hiring process;

    Save candidate’s time

    There are a lot of job openings in the job market. As you are open for an opportunity and seeking for a job, is not it good if there is one finding a suitable job for you? Recruiters help candidates to scope down the job market. Job opportunity from recruiters is normally matched with the candidate’s career path.

    Before the recruiters approach any candidates, they need to learn the company profile, job’s requirements, ideal candidate profile or candidate persona, skills and preferences. Also, the recruiters need to understand the culture and nature of the company so that they could find and match the right candidate for the job. Importantly, recruiters can be a huge help in landing their resume to the top of the hiring manager’s pile. After candidates pass the pre-screening process, recruiters are going to present the candidates’ profile to the company.

    Candidates would not have to wonder whether their resumes are well received or not. Moreover, recruiters help arrange the meeting by finding times that work for both candidates and interviewers. This means recruiter is the key to coordinate the entire hiring process for candidates. And at the very least, recruiters make the job search process a little less lonely.

    Guide candidate to get the job

    Some candidates face with job interview anxiety, which is mainly because there are many unknowns involved in the interview process. As a recruiter, there should always be an aware that some interviews could go wrong just because candidates are nervous and this would cause an opportunity loss to get hired for the job. Accordingly, recruiters would attend to provide lots of inside and essential information about the interview in order to help candidates out and make them feel comfortable and prepare for the interview. Besides, it is smart to provide valuable information to candidates such as interview style and types of questions that may be asked during the interview.

    Negotiating the right salary

    Recruiters always know the market rates for any particular types of position. They would let candidates know the range for the possible salary package at the beginning of the process. However, salary negotiating is often included in the last topic discussed during the interview process. Unfortunately, if the offer is not matched with the candidate’s expectations, recruiters will get back to the company to explain and give logical reasons why candidates should be obtained more on the package.

    In this part, recruiters would do the calculation to compare the current salary with the offer package and also share to the company. Additionally, some companies might increase the package with allowances or other benefits to match with candidate’s expectation.

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