Benefits of Using Staff Outsourcing PEO Services

    Any person who operates a successful business will tell you that employees are their greatest assets. They are the engines that push the business forwards and help business grow and without employees many businesses would struggle to survive. And because of that, some business think they can’t use staff outsource services or they are better hiring their own employees directly.

    If you believe unique talents are vital for your business, then you need to ensure you have the right people in your team. And outsourcing staffing services will help you access a pool of talent you have never thought of. The main advantage to using Staff Outsourcing Services in Thailand is that your recruitment services or part of it is that you work with experienced Recruitment Consultants who have a wide array of resources to tap into talent for unusual roles or ones that many companies have very difficult times in finding. These can be roles that are for short or long periods or more common in Thailand is for a company’s planned entry and establishment into Thailand. Hiring employees using Smarty Search’s Staff Outsourcing Services enables business to find employees immediately and without the costs of establishing a legal entity in Thailand (PEO Services). While the reasons for using Staff Outsourcing can vary greatly from company to company, Smart Search has been providing Staff Outsourcing Services in Thailand since 2008 and have summarized the 8 most common benefits of using Staff Outsourcing Services as follows:

    1. Better Quality Talent

    Perhaps one of the reasons to work with a Recruiting Agency is the ability to tab into a much deeper and diverse pool of potential talent. Staff Outsourcing companies have resources and time to find the best talent for your business as their business are dedicated to finding talent and have developed years of resources and experiences that many HR Departments do not have access or time to tap inti. They will look for candidates that have certain criteria not just for the position you want but for someone who is also self-driven to help your company achieve its objectives. In other words, you receive the benefit of working with experienced Recruiters and Talented potential future employees. Things that these agencies do to find incredible talent is referrals, databases, social networking, company events, and many more. These agencies go the extra mile to save you time just to locate good candidates for Contractual or Permanent Hire under a Staff Outsourcing Agreement.

    2. Immediate Hiring

    If you run a company two of the biggest challenges you will encounter in the human resource departments are: Finding great talent for challenging or temporary hiring or an open position staying for long without finding the right candidates. These two instances can hurt your bottom line. What’s more, if you fill these positions with the wrong person, this can reduce productivity. But that’s not all, this can affect your workforce’s morale and efficiency.

    For instance, when your team members take on a bigger workload and work for long hours while you search for new employees, this makes them stressed and unhappy. And when stress affects them to the extent, they want to leave your company and result in even greater challenges for Business Leaders in Thailand.

    The benefits of Staff Outsourcing are that you never have to experience such things and your Staff Outsourcing Provider will allow you to hire fast because most staffing agencies have top talent in their databases for all kinds of people not only for in house hires but also for a Staff Outsourcing mandate. All they need to do is, make a phone call and you have a person for your position. Even if they don’t have candidates for a specific position, they will start working immediately to find you, someone. The problem with in-house HR managers is that they are distracted with other tasks and even procrastinate on this job especially for Contact roles or roles in a country like Thailand where language and cultural barriers and be often very daunting.

    3. Lower Costs

    One of the reasons entrepreneurs and business use Staff Outsourcing Services is to reduce the costs and tier ability to have flexibility with their employees to make changes whenever a business demand. In other words, they get to pay less than the cost that comes with having full-time employees. If you have a startup, you can take advantage of this, and it will save you the money and the costs of interviewing, background checks, and skill tests all come under one easy to manage fee. If you have a large business, you need to know that the cost of training your employees can be reduced when you find the right talents that can do the job from the start. This will also lower your turnover cost because outsourcing Staffing Companies can take care of compliance, payroll, and HR for the worker in Thailand.

    4. Workforce Flexibility

    As a business owner today, work demands can vary greatly from time to time when business or economic situations change. During such times, using a Staff Outsourcing Agency to help you hire Contractual workers to help fill gaps when business changes, and using temporary workers allows you to fulfill the needs of the current without the financial commitments of having full-time workers. You can always increase or reduce your workforce depending on your workloads. In other words, Outsourcing Staffing services are convenient when you need them and also allows you to hire a Contractual Employee as a direct hire without any additional costs.

    5. Temporary-to-Permanent Opportunities

    The biggest mistake you can make in business is hiring the wrong candidate. Not only can it severely diminish your productivity it can result in increased company costs. Outsourcing your staffing services enables you to test out new hires temporarily before you can give them full-time employment. Partnering with a reputable staffing firm like Smart Search Recruitment in Thailand gives you the chance to try temporary-to-permanent opportunities. What that means is, you can try new talents, test them, and then make a decision whether to hire them full time or not. That way, you will reduce the risks of making the wrong hiring decision.

    6. Competitive Advantage

    Startups and SME’s have limited resources which can impede their competitive advantage on the market. For them to compete well, they will have a need to outsource recruiting services or even hire contractual employees under a Staff Outsourcing Agreement. A Staff Outsourcing Company can help them find top talents to match their skills without spending too many resources. When a startup has a good relationship with an experienced staffing agency, they can find excellent talents faster than large organizations. Having that ability gives you a head start in business and makes you grow fast in a competitive business environment.

    7. Core Business Focus

    Any task that involves recruiting activities falls outside of the key business functions especially for Start Ups and SMEs that do not have a dedicated Human Resources or Talent Acquisition Department. Recruiting can consume resources from the key business operations for many this often results in a distraction from core business focus that can ultimately impede growth. When using Staff Outsourcing services, it won’t take anything from the main business activities and the risks and costs are outsourced to the Staff Outsourcing company whose main business focus is hiring and finding employees for their clients.

    8. New Market Entry Expansion (PEO Services)

    When a company both big and small look to expand their businesses into her countries outside of their headquarters, finding and hiring these crucial roles for their expansion can be a real challenge. Countries like Thailand that are continually becoming a key country for businesses to expand into pose language and bureaucratic challenges for businesses looking for establish an entity in Thailand. Using Smart Search’s PEO services a company and find and hire these crucial roles under a PEO agreement whereby a business can immediately hire while testing the Thailand market or awaiting the long bureaucratic establishment of a company in Thailand. Smart Search has been at the forefront of the PEO services sector and has been helping companies establish a presence in Thailand under such Staff Outsourcing Agreements since 2008.

    To conclude while every business has difference reasons for using Staff Outsourcing Services in Thailand, the trend of Staff Outsourcing continues to grow and using a company like Smart Search Recruitment who unlike its competitors started its operations focusing on executive search but found a constant needs from its clients to also offer Staff Outsourcing services in Thailand. Because of this the core expertise of Smart Search is that they specialize in finding great talent that can also carry over to their Staff Outsourcing Services Division, so clients can have one HR partner in Thailand for all their HR and Hiring Requirements.

    Smart Search Recruitment is Bangkok’s leading executive recruitment consultancy. We serve multinational and local companies, sourcing high-caliber candidates and placing them in mid and senior-level roles. For recruitment service inquiries contact us. We are committed to meet our client’s needs by delivering an exceptional level of service. We have insightful HR resources updated everyday. Please keep in touch with us via our social media.

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