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    Recruitment consultants are there to help you prepare for interviews. We’ll have important details on the company and position you’re applying for, so make use of us! Don’t be afraid to pick our brains and ask questions that will help you prepare.

    How long has the company been in Thailand / SE Asia?

    Understanding how long a company has been operating is a key factor in gaging your job security. Finding out how long a multinational has been operating globally is fairly easy. But, it can be tougher to find out how long they have been established locally. Your recruiter will be able to share important background on the organization.

    What key attributes are they looking for?

    This can be a great way to gauge how you might fit before you interview with a company. Yes, a job description will give some ideas, but recruiters will give you a deeper insight into what attributes they are really looking for. This can help you determine which personal traits and technical skills you should emphasize in your interview to stand out.

    How would you describe the personality of the person to whom I would report if I was hired?

    As recruiters, we will most likely be dealing with your direct report throughout the hiring process. We have probably met this person face to face as well, so we will have a good idea about their personality traits. This can help you prepare how to behave in the interview. For example, if they are direct and to-the point, you should probably keep your answers short and snappy. If they’re talkative and open, try and mirror this type of behavior in the interview.

    What is the profitability of the company in the last few years?

    This is quite a common question that we’re asked by many senior-level candidates. If you’re going for a top-level position in a company, knowing their financial state can help you judge their security compared to other rival firms.

    Do you have a long-standing relationship with this client?

    This is a great question to ask. We will have developed long-term relationships with most clients, but may be in earlier stages with others. When recruiters have a long-standing relationship with a client they will be able to give you deeper insight about them. As knowledge is power, insights like these will be putting you at a great advantage when you meet them.

    Is this a new or replacement position? If it’s a replacement position, why did the last employee leave?

    This question is a good one to ask us because it perhaps wouldn’t be suitable to bring up in a formal interview environment. Finding out why the last employee left is useful for you figure out the current state of the company culture. It also shows recruiters that you’re really visualizing yourself at the company and deciding how you will fit in. This impresses us because it shows you’re serious about the role.

    What does the interview process look like?

    Again, this question wouldn’t be appropriate to ask your interviewer, so ask us! Why? On a personal level, it’s good for you to know how long the process will take so that you can plan ahead and prepare how much time will be invested in it.

    What should I say if the interviewer asks me about my salary expectations?

    Part of a recruiter job is to coach you through the interview process, and being asked about your salary expectations can be a tough issue to tackle. You don’t want to come across as greedy but at the same time you don’t want to play down your worth. We know about the company as well as the market value for the position you’re applying for. This means we’ll be able to give you some valuable advice about what would be appropriate for you to say to your interviewer.

    Your recruitment consultant can be a great source of knowledge about companies you may interview with. It’s in our interests to help you be as fully prepared as possible for your first engagement with the company that you’re looking to impress. Having answers to questions inappropriate for interviews or those harder to come by will help you prepare and feel comfortable.

    If there are any gaps in your knowledge that need filling, we’re the go-to guys! Before your next interview, make use of your recruiter and ask as many questions as possible.

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