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    Figuring out tax deductions can help people save more money. By using these deductions wisely, taxpayers can lower their taxes and make better use of their money in the long run. Knowing how to use tax deductions well is important for saving money and reaching financial goals. In this guide, we'll look at different ways people can use tax deductions to save more money and make their financial futures brighter.

    Deductions and Allowances

    Certain deductions and allowances are allowed in the calculation of the taxable income. Taxpayer shall make deductions from assessable income before the allowances are granted. Therefore, taxable income is calculated by:

    TAXABLE INCOME = Assessable Income - deductions – allowances

    Deductible expenses

    The amount of personal expenses that may be deducted depends on the category of assessable income. In case of income from employment, a deduction of 40% is allowed subject to a maximum of Baht 100,000


    Allowances could be categorized into 2 catetagories after the deduction of expenses as follows;

    Personal allowance

    Types of Allowances


    Single taxpayer

    60,000 baht for the taxpayer

    Spouse ( with no income) allowance

    60,000 baht

    Legitimate child allowance

    30,000 baht each
    (without limit)

    Additional allowance for legitimate child of the taxpayer or the spouse from the second child onwards who was born in or after 2018, each

    60,000 baht each

    Taxpayer’s adopted child (maximum 3), each (If there are legitimate and adopted children together, a maximum of only 3 children is allowed)

    30,000 baht each

    Parents allowance

    30,000 baht for each of taxpayer’s and spouse’s parents if such parent is above 60 years old and earns less than 30,000 baht

    Care of disabled or incapacitated family members

    60,000 baht each

    Care of a disabled or incapacitated person other than a family member

    60,000 baht each

    Specific Allowances

    Types of Allowances


    Life insurance premium paid by taxpayer on his/her own life

    Amount actually paid but not exceeding 100,000 baht each

    Health insurance premium paid by a taxpayer to a life or non-life insurance company in Thailand for his/her own health

    Up to a maximum of Baht 25,000, However, the deduction for this premium together with the life insurance premiums referred to above, must not exceed Baht 100,000 in total.

    Approved provident fund contributions

    Amount actually paid at the rate not more than 15% of wage, but not exceeding 500,000 baht

    Long term equity fund

    Amount actually paid at the rate not more than 15% of wage, but not exceeding 500,000 baht

    Home mortgage interest

    Amount actually paid but not exceeding 100,000 baht

    Social security fund contributions

    Amount actually paid each

    An investment in a retirement mutual fund

    Amount not exceeding 30% of assessable income received which is subject to income tax, with a maximum of Baht 500,000.

    Expenses paid by the taxpayer or spouse for antenatal care and child delivery

    Up to Baht 60,000 for each pregnancy.

    Charitable contributions

    Amount actually donated but not exceeding 10% of the income after standard deductions and the above allowances

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