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    Even the most confident interviewers can get hit with last-minute jitters. Being a little anxious before your interview is usually a good thing. Being too nervous could be a problem so boosting your confidence before an interview can help.

    As recruiters, we try to give you as much help as we can before you arrive for an interview. We make sure you’re fully informed about timings and location. We’ll also speak to you the day before to make sure you’re ready!
    Having said this, the day of the interview is all about you. You need to make sure that your confidence levels are high and you’re pumped up ready to sweep the interviewer off of their feet.

    7 Tips for interview confidence

    Be Refreshed in the Morning

    Going to sleep late and waking up tired is not the best way to pump yourself up before an interview. Rather than coming across as super confident, you will feel delated and this will hinder your performance. Make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep and eat something substantial to keep you going throughout the day. You will feel energized and ready to go, which will give you that extra dose of confidence.

    Do Some Last Minute Prep

    Even if you did get a good night’s sleep, rest won’t do you don’t know anything about the job or position you are applying for! Go over your notes right before the interview just to make sure you know what to say and how to say it. You should have already fully prepared for the interview, so giving yourself a quick refresh will make you feel good before you go in.

    Envision Success

    Visualizing being offered the job is an excellent way to build confidence just before an interview. Think about how you will feel once you’ve bagged yourself that dream job. This serves as a reminder of how passionate you feel about the opportunity, and this passion will shine through in the interview.

    Speak to a Friend

    Talking to people can help control your nerves, and having someone close give you a “pep talk” can be a great last-minute confidence boost. Having someone convince you that you can will help with your self-belief, which will come across in the interview. Just don’t get too big-headed!

    Talk to your Mirror

    This is a handy tip you can use if there’s no one around to do some last-minute practice with. Look at your body language: What’s your posture like? Are you coming across as assertive and positive? Looking confident from a physical perspective is an excellent way to help yourself feel confident inside as well.

    Listen to Music

    Have you ever listened to a song and felt raring to go afterward? You can apply this feeling to an interview situation as well. Listen to a song that always gets you pumped up. Here’s a great playlist we found on YouTube that you may want to use. You need to feel in control before an interview; listening to some music can inflate your confidence and keep you focused.


    This may not be for everyone, but the Muse suggests that exercise can be an excellent way to clear your mind and relax you before the interview. You could go for a quick jog or a swim. This can help release any pent-up energy and is an excellent way of get rid of any last-minute jitters. Having a clear mind before an interview helps as it will remove any unwelcome distractions that may hinder your performance.

    It’s amazing how a few small steps can change you mentally and control your pre-interview nerves. There are lots of things you should be doing well before the interview. Solid research about the company, thorough preparation on possible questions and decisions on what to wear. Try some of the above before your next interview gets yourself in the zone and pumped up to excel.

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