Dealing with Different Mindset Colleague

    When working, focusing on your job is the most important role but there are a lot of factors that could supports and/or slows down the work progress. Being able to find a work culture that fits you is also a crucial part that contributes to the outcome, which the work colleagues play a big part in the working environment. In real life, we may be able to choose our friends; however, we cannot choose who will be our coworkers and will unavoidably have to meet them every day.

    Everyone wants to work in a friendly environment, but there may be instances when someone at work makes you feel unmotivated or tired which impact your productivity and your health. Today we will talk about how to cope with people who have different mindsets and how to avoid any unnecessary conflicts.

    So how to deal with them?

    Open to Talk
    Sometimes, the idea that we don’t like our coworker, or the coworker doesn’t like us might only be our imagination. Therefore, the ideal method is to speak directly with your coworker so that you are aware of the precise situation rather than imagining it ourselves. Be honest with your colleague about which behaviors of his/hers that make you feel uncomfortable and inquire whether you have done something to him/her.


    Try to Connect
    Your work life will be healthier if you have great interactions at work. However, it’s not enough to just tell them that you wish to be friends with him or her. You must put in the necessary effort. You should try to observe whether they have any interests that are comparable to yours. This might also assist you in making another excellent buddy.


    Focus on the Positive
    If your coworker’s negativity is the only issue here, you may need to adjust your attitude a little bit. Focusing on the positive might help you shift your viewpoint. It’s important to remember that everyone has both positive and negative sides. Thus, trying to find their strengths and perspectives will help you in better understanding their points of view.


    Distance Yourself
    This applies to both physically and mentally. Being around with someone who dislikes you might be detrimental to your health. So, if it’s possible, keep a physically distance yourself from this person.
    In addition, mentally distance yourself out of what they say may be quite beneficial too. Don’t take their word personally. These words can leave you feeling down or depressed for hours, if not days. Thus, don’t let yourself to be dragged down by it. Consider that it doesn’t matter and that they are not concerned with how this impacts you so why waste your time and energy?


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