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    As a recruitment company, it is our job to understand our client’s need for every position we take on the responsibility to recruiter. Apart from the job description, we always ask our clients for candidate requirements; types of candidates they prefer, key strengths that will perfectly fit with the company’s culture to help them find the right candidate for these positions. After years of successful and unsuccessful placements throughout Thailand, we have together several tips from Smart Search

    Normal Interviewing is Tedious

    Face-to-Face Interviews could be too traditional if you want to find someone right for the job. Do not start with those typical scripted questions like “Where do you see yourself in 5 years” or “Why are you interested in this position”. Be creative, ask something that they can express themselves with their opinions and abilities. Besides, you can also use some help from external methods such as personality or aptitude test.

    Also the venue of the interview does not always need to to be done in a meeting room, candidate like and enjoy taking tours of a work place, seeing other departments or teams, introducing them with some colleagues so you can see the candidates’ reactions if they are interested in the company and also a good business fit.

    Company’s culture is important

    Every company has different cultures and policies. When you open the door to an outsider who only has a glimpse of what your house looks like, you will need to make them feel comfortable in your house. Recognize your company’s core values so that you can search for the similarity or like mindedness from your new hire. Look for a person who will fit with the existed team as well as the one who can adjust to possibilities in the future.

    Pay attention to the questions they ask

    It is a often normal practice after the traditional interview that the interviewees can ask some questions. Try to make this into a discussion or a conversation so that you can understand their analytical and interpersonal skills as well as how well they have come prepared. If you’re looking for a person who will be managing a big team as well as will be working along with several parties, you will need to look for someone who asks for the team sizing and cross-function works among other things.

    Include your team in the hiring process

    Involve your employees in the process. Ask them to interview the candidates alongside you or at a later date and time. Let them talk or discuss the company or working styles openly this not only allows the candidates to have direct engagement with the team but also allows your employees to take part in the decisions’ making process. Ask your employees for their opinions on the candidate, see if they have similar personalities, or if this still not working out, you can also ask them to refer someone who they think will fit with the positions or reach out to a recruitment firm line Smart Search Recruitment who can dedicate a great deal of resources and time to finding the right candidate.

    Set your expectations straight

    You need to tell the candidates what exactly you are looking for to see
    if you are on the same page. Be honest with the candidates so that they can
    prepare for the road ahead and decide if they are a good fit for the role. Do
    not over-promise or try to create anything impossible as giving precise and
    thoughtful expectations on what you are hoping this person could contribute to
    the company allows them to understand their role and see their commitment.

    Take your time

    “Rome wasn’t built in a day” The hiring process could take longer than you expected, you need to consider if that person you are hiring worth it. So, take your time to consider carefully. Consult with your Hiring Manager, discuss with your line manager or director, talk to the team this person will be working with so that you can source out or pick one best candidate that you are looking for.

    These are only some highlights to cover and hope they help you in finding great candidates

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