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    In today's competitive employment market, recruiting top talent is more challenging and in the field of human resources, we are discovering that the "human" aspect of the job is gradually disappearing. One of the first stages in creating a job advertisement that stands out and appeals to candidates is to be relatable. Here are five crucial factors to make your job postings more appealing to potential candidates:

    1. Clear and Comprehensive Job Titles: The job title is the initial thing applicants will notice, so it’s crucial to make it clear and interesting. Avoid using internal company slang or overly technical terms that could confuse the applicant. Instead, use precise yet simple terms and notions that accurately reflect the role and its importance within the organization. For example, instead of "Software Development Engineer II OPSEC Dept – Regional II Zone," consider a title like "Senior Software Developer in Bangkok - Innovative Tech Solutions."

    2. Highlight Unique Selling Points: Candidates want to know what makes you different from the competition. Use your job ad as an opportunity to highlight unique advantages such as company culture, employee benefits, career development opportunities, or exciting projects they'll be working on. Showcase what makes your company a great place to work and why candidates should choose you over other employers. You are not only waiting for candidates to apply, you are also selling the job to the right candidate.

    3. Focus on Benefits and Impact: Beyond listing job responsibilities, focus on the benefits of working for your company and the impact the role will have, whether that be internal (Team Development, KPIs) or external (Environmental, Social and Governance). Highlight available perks such as flexible work arrangements, competitive salaries, health benefits, and opportunities for growth. Do not underestimate the value of your company, many candidates want to work for a well-established company that has transparency.

    4. Use Engaging Language and Tone: The language and tone of your job ad can make a significant difference in attracting candidates. Nowadays, all job ads start to sound and read the same, also a consequence of A.I to written job ads. Try your best to avoid using bland or overly formal language, and instead, opt for a more conversational tone that sympathizes with your target audience. Use engaging terms that sparks and interest and enthusiasm while accurately representing the company culture and values. Knowing the position you are writing for is key to delivering the right tone for your message!

    5. Incorporate Visuals and Multimedia: Incorporating visuals and multimedia elements into your job ads can make them more visually appealing and engaging. Depending on the posting platform, a simple addition of colour in your job description can easily differentiate your ad from others and catch the attention of your candidates. Consider including photos or videos of the work environment (if suitable, nobody likes reading “dynamic environment” in offices filled with cubicle), team members, or past projects to give candidates a glimpse into what it's like to work at your company, think of it like a university brochure! Visuals can help bring your job ad to life and capture the attention of passive job seekers scrolling through countless listings.

    In today's tough job market, where competition for talent is fierce, it's crucial to remember the human side of hiring. Crafting job ads that connect with people is essential. Following five simple strategies; clear job titles, highlighting what makes your company unique, focusing on benefits, using engaging language, and adding visuals — can make your ads more genuine and appealing. These steps not only make your ads more attractive to potential candidates but also help build strong connections and a real sense of belonging within your organization. By prioritizing the human aspect of hiring, companies can not only attract top talent but also build lasting relationships that thrive in today's fast-paced job market.

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