Hiring Questions

    You’re at end of an interview and about to breathe a sigh of relief when the interviewer asks:

    Do you have any questions for me?

    This is a standard interview tactic used to measure your interest in the job and ability to think on your feet. They want to see that you’re passionate about making a positive impact on the company.

    It also works as your opportunity to establish if the company is right for you! Grab this opportunity to gain valuable insight into the way the company works and more. That way you can figure out if you would fit in well there and be happy.

    If the thought of asking questions yourself makes you sweat don’t worry. We have some simple but powerful questions you can ask the interviewer and make sure you stand out.

    15 Interview Questions YOU Should Ask

    1 – What opportunities for growth are there within the organization?

    2 – What resources will be available to me to ensure the company can achieve outstanding results?

    Again, this is about showing that you want to make the most of your time at the company and work toward mutual success. You are taking a proactive approach by asking a question specifically about what tools you have to do well at the company. You need to prove that you’ll be hands-on and practical in the role.

    3 – How will my past experiences help create a positive impact on the company?

    4Could you explain the organizational structure of the company?

    5 In your opinion, who is the company’s biggest competitor and what is our selling proposition to compete with them?

    Before you go to the interview you will have researched the company and should already know who the main competitors are. But the interviewer will have his/her own view about who the biggest competitor is. Here you are showing that you’re interested in what they’ve got to say. The second part of the question demonstrates that you’re ready to jump into battle and start fighting to beat off rivals.

    6 – How do you measure success in the company?

    It’s essential during interviews to show that you’re results-orientated, professional and motivated to achieve. This question is a good way to show this to the interviewer; it suggests you’re already planning how to succeed within the company.

    7 – What is your management style and how do you feel I can best align with that to ensure mutual success?

    Here you are aligning yourself with the interviewer and identifying how you can work together successfully. Being a team player is an important quality to have in business, and asking a question about reaching mutual success will highlight this.

    8 – What’s different about this company that makes it stand out, in your opinion?

    Whilst you should always focus on selling yourself, asking this question gives you the opportunity to turn the tables a little. Here you can find out from someone’s personal point of view about the perks and opportunities of working for the company. Asking for the interviewer’s opinion also shows you value their advice.

    9 – In your opinion what is your favorite part of being part of this organization?

    A handy way to leave a good impression in an interview is to show interest in the interviewer him/herself. Engaging the interviewer with a personal question will help you establish a rapport and make you more memorable.

    10 – How would you describe the company culture?

    One of the most important parts of a job change is considering how you fit with other company cultures. Asking this question shows that you understand the importance of culture, and are using the answer to assess how you well you will fit in with them.

    11 – What kinds of opportunities is the company facing right now?

    During your interview prep, you will have researched the company to dicover any recent developments and news about them. It’s always worth asking this question anyway because it expresses an interest, which will make you appear enthusiastic and eager. These are both qualities that will make you stand out in an interview.

    12 – Are there any challenges within the company? If so, how can I help to fix them?

    13 – What personal qualities are you looking for to ensure we as a company can be at the forefront of the sector we are competing in?

    Whilst being successful in a company is of course performance-driven, personal attributes are also important to ensure workplace harmony. Your interviewer will appreciate that you’ve taken this into consideration and that you’ve addressed how you can benefit the company.

    14 – Could you give me a brief description of the team I’ll be working with?

    Here you are expressing an interest in the company’s employees, showing that you’re a team player and want to work together to achieve success for everyone. This will go a long way when it comes to impressing your interviewer.

    15 – What will be the next step in the interview process?

    When it comes to your opportunity to ask questions, ask yourself this first: “Will this question convince the interviewer that I’m passionate about helping the company achieve success?” Really use this opportunity to reassure that you’ll play a key role in leading the company to victory. But don’t forget that an interview is a two-way street. It’s a good chance for you to do some digging to see where you find value in the company and assess what part you will play there.

    Good luck!

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