Recruitment Process

    What is a Recruitment process?

    An efficient and effective recruitment process is a step-by-step process to employ a new employee, whereby an organization identifies its talent needs, then searches and recruits from its talent pool and eventually chooses to hire the most qualified candidates. Most companies have their own hiring processes which is slightly different depends on their size, culture and uniqueness. However, the main part of recruiting is common, and we are going to talk about those most common steps in the recruitment process in this topic.

    How the work is done?

    Step 1: Assignment Specification

    Once an organization identifies a hiring need, the recruitment process begins. This process normally starts with understanding the requirements for the vacant position. It is very important for the recruiting staffs to have the right understandings about the position they are working on so they can get the right person to fill the vacancy. As a recruiting agency, we work on behalf of the employer to fill the vacancy with the best possible talent so in this process we need to gather information of the role as much as possible. These requirements can be anything for example education background, age range, years of experience or technical skill set.

    Step 2: Identify Potential Candidates

    The next step is looking for candidates who match the qualifications through the talent pool. Recruiting team also publicizes the job vacancy via platforms like company’s website, LinkedIn, JobsDB, job fairs, or company events as well. This not just helps us to expand our resource but also allows us to reach those who is actively looking for new job or even better, is already looking for a chance to work with us as well.

    Step 3: Shortlisting of Candidates

    Once we get the applications from various candidates, it is time to review their profiles to see which one match the qualification and eliminate those who do not meet the minimum requirements for the position or the company. This process is mostly about quick screening resume and look for specific set of skills. This might also include approaching candidate directly to get some more information like technical term or unclear part of their CVs. Not only this helps ensuring that the candidates really match the qualification but also allows us to explore more on their personality and attitude through talking as well.

    Step 4: Interview

    After we finally have shortlisted potential candidates for the client to review, it is time for them to identify who they want to interview. The interviews typically begin with phone calls with HR representatives which are quick brief on the position detail and get to know about candidates’ background. The interviews determine if candidates qualify for the position and align with the organization’s values. However, this process could vary depending on company’s organization. The interview can be just one time or several. It could also be a face-to-face meeting or video call. Some companies even assigned the applicants to finish the assignment to evaluate technical skill or a personality test to measure personality traits and emotional intelligence, and more.

    Step 5: Offer Stage

    After the interviews are completed, hiring staff will identify their top choice which means sometimes they also select backup candidates in case the top choice declines the offer. In this process, a recruitment agency acts as a mediator to help coordinating between company and candidate. This requires some works like salary negotiating, passing offer letter, request for personal documents, and arranging contract signing. We also take part in reference checks when requested to see candidate’s performance in his/her previous employment as well .However, if none of the candidates meet the hiring criteria, the client will decide whether or not to start the whole process over again.

    Step 6: Following Up

    Once the candidate accepts the offer and start working, our recruitment service is almost all set. However, it is our job to keeping candidates warm and following up to see how they do they find themselves in the new company. Feedbacks are pretty important as it helps us improve our services. Moreover, if the feedback turns out to be negative for example the candidate does not fit well with the new company and plan to back out, then we could be prepared for what’s coming and come up with backup plans.

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