Tactics for Interviewing Millennials

With constantly changing times and younger people entering the work force, Millennials are one of the fastest growing targets of most companies when it comes to recruiting in Thailand and South East Asia. Contrary to popular belief, Millennials are more than just selfies and what’s-in-it-for-me. They are also among the most tech-savvy, agile, and socially conscious workers in the workforce in Asia, Fair or not, the reputation they’ve built up has recruiters and hiring managers having challenges when it comes to interviewing and overall recruitment.

We have been targeting these groups of people for various roles in Thailand and have worked out what works and what doesn’t and here are some tips on getting the most out of your interviews with them:

Tell Them the Expectations upfront

While some younger candidates are notorious for being self-centered, many will be surprised how valuable it is to get info on expectations for an upcoming interview. This could be as simple as including the dress code and expected Interview duration in an email. You could also mention whether the interview will be with a Thai National or an expatriate so they can know what to really expect in the forthcoming interview.

For the millennial new graduate who is just entering the workforce, you may be their first or second interview in their new field of expertise. Make it easy for them to succeed to ensure a positive hiring experience and interviewing a new graduate should not follow the same tactics are interviewing more experienced candidates,

Assess Coachability

One of the biggest challenges for companies is hiring someone who is unable to benefit from or apply feedback and advice especially with younger candidates. To filter out the “un-coachable” candidates early on, ask about a time they’ve doubted their ability to deliver on a task. This will force the candidate to describe a challenge and what they did to face it.

Their answer will reveal whether they resort to blaming others, crumble under pressure, or rise to the occasion and grow. These personality profiles are giving you a great insight into how a potential employee will react to various situations within a new role they are being recruited For.

Rethink Interview Questions

It can be difficult to ask experience-based questions when a candidate has limited working experiences If this is the case, zero in on extracurricular activities or internships that have had. Instead of asking how They handled an online marketing campaign that failed or resulted in a loss, ask them to tell you about things like a sporting event they lost a big game and how they coped with it.

Looking at and discussing a candidate’s hobbies can also give you a more accurate insight into their personality and interests.

Speak the “Millennial” Language

Job descriptions have been historically written to focus of the job itself. However, younger candidates are more concerned and interested in with who they will be potentially working for and how their role fits into the team dynamic within a company. In the interview, make sure to describe the company’s mission and how the candidate’s work will fit those goals.

Emphasize Incentives

How have company incentives, rewards, and recognition programs changed and adapted to business needs over a recent period of time. Companies who have progressive incentive plans shows the rise of new, organizationally aligned programs that have really helped not only in bringing in great talent during
the recruitment of Millennials but also have dramatically increase productivity and lower employee turnover.

Its important to note that cash is not the most important thing for this generation. They are equally, if not more, interested in growth opportunities than the salary or any cash-based incentive schemes. So, make sure to talk about professional development and training opportunities (as well as potential paths for advancement in the company.

Focus on the “Big Picture”

Sometimes, managers are so focused on what they need right now that they completely forget about the potential of a new employee they are recruiting. Companies big and small need employees who can get the job done and get it done fast. But if you are looking to check every must-have item on your list for the perfect candidate, you may just miss out on the biggest must-have of all: someone who is eager to learn and will very quickly learn everything you teach.

While you probably have more pressing and urgent criteria for that position, don’t be afraid to step back and consider creativity, innovation, and drive that will ultimately help the company’s bottom line.

When You Found a good one don’t forget to help

If you end up hiring someone who is the epitome of every negative millennial stereotype the time will come to put their long-term goals above your own current needs. The time will come, eventually, to be only and entirely on their side, and use your position to help them take the next step. Even if it means a losing them, even if the next step for them is a job at another company.

That’s how you win employee loyalty. Forever. And who knows you may just be developing a star employee who will come back later with more skills and experience.

While it’s a widely accepted concept that Millennials’ values, attitudes, and priorities differ significantly from those of other generations, many continue to use the same old interviewing strategies on them with unfavorable results. But what Millennials want are what most candidates are also coming to expect: transparency, respect, opportunities to grow, etc. Does this mean that interviews in general need to be also totally changed? One must adapt with the times and make recruiting different generations more successful.

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