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    Internship period is the most important time during your student life. It prepares you to readily work in the real world and let you discover yourself before committing to the full time job. Therefore, it is very crucial for you to land on your dream internship right now and get to explore yourself for the upcoming future. So, today we will be sharing the tips to catch the internship of your dream!

    1. Observe and discover yourself

    Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is essential when coming to choose where and what position to apply for your internship. Moreover, when you discover what you do not like and not what you cannot do you will not waste your time in a place where you definitely know that you will have hard time surviving. For example, if you are learning in engineering field, you might want to narrow down the field to like electrical or robotics so you can start finding your companies. Therefore, it is important for you to list all the things that you like doing in order to get to where you will spend quality and happy time for your internship.

    2. Identify what you can do for the corporation

    When you can contribute to the company, it really makes a different. Having the energy to go to work every day knowing something will be different for the company is refreshing. On the other hand, if you cannot add value to the company, you probably spend your time there without getting any experience, too.

    3. Establish your goal and objective

    At this point of your university life, you should already at least know the scope of what you want to do. When setting for your goal and objective helps you narrow down the options when choosing for a place to apply. For example, if you want to contribute and have huge responsibilities when doing internship, you might want to work where the company size is small and freshly establish not those big corporate where they already know what they are doing and that provide a yearly internship program.

    4. Apply EVERYWHERE

    Increase your chance of getting the place that you really want and have a lot of backups; however, when doing this you must be sure to reject/accept places that you are certain since this might affect other applicants.

    5. Build and update your resume

    Check for your basic information like email address since it is one of the crucial channels that the recruiter can contact you and if it does not sound professional make sure to create a new one to create good first impression in your resume. Update all your past experiences and activities, try to add in those activities that boost up your resume strength like awards and certificate.

    6. Follow-up

    After applying make sure to make a few phone calls to remind them that you are waiting for their feedback. By doing this, you will at least know what and when you should expect to hear the good news. Moreover, it can create a distinct impression for the recruiter to keep in mind that this candidate really wants to have the position.

    7. Explore the company’s culture

    After getting a few options on where to spend your valuable internship time, you might want to do some research on the company’s culture to really get to know them before really going to work there. We have an article about this, make sure to read more here

    8. Bonuses: create an impressive LinkedIn

    It is always good to be extra perfect on this kind of stuff. If you want to gain more advantages and to be discovered more, building an impressive LinkedIn profile is essential.Try to connect with people in your interesting field, getting their attention to gain a step further than other candidates. You can read more here on how to create an impressive LinkedIn profile.

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