Tips for Preparing for the Interview – MUST DO

When it comes to making an impression, it can go both ways for a first timer, especially if it’s an interview for your dream job. Undoubtedly, you would be filled with excitement, anxiety, or might even panic. Millions of things might pop up in your head before the interview time; you are going to be interviewed by someone with an experience so much more than you’re having, questions over questions will be thrown at you and you might not be able to answer some, or even any of them!!

Despite all of these thoughts, all you need to do is jump right into this unpredictable interview and keep your cool. You never know what’s going to happen, but one thing for sure, there is always a chance for you to land that dream job.

Be prepared

In a first part, a very first step to make a good sign for you is to be prepared with confident and don’t be too hard on yourself by going off your phone. Consider that if you want someone to talk with, or making your clutter away or double check some important information about the job and the company on the phone and get through all over again. So, make your own comfortable and don’t too harsh by taking a phone call during an interview if there is that case, better to go a silenced.

Making yourself comfortable

Big time, you are going to letting your mind rest and giving a space to yourself for a minute, you then walking in and greeting the receptionist then you get one point because the receptionist is going to be a real important character too. The process goes faster when you are having a good relationship with the receptionist. Main rule is don’t be too casual with them or try to get some information because you are a newbie!

Languages Practicing

During the interview with an international company, fluent in language is indeed an in-demand and if their language is not your native tongue, you have to keep in mind not to use your native language with the interviewer. Using your native language may causes confusion, or even makes you
look unprofessional and tensed up in the eye of the interviewer. To counter this problem, you need to practice more and boost up your language knowledge to answer confidently.

Speaking of language, body language is also an element of communication which your face and eyes are telling something too when you are speaking. Don’t roll your eyes around or observe the whole room. Meanwhile, you won’t staring at the interviewer face of the total time but put your eyes on the right place.

Showing Positive Attitude

Smile is another way to reduce stress so you will be positive more than you think in everybody’s eyes. You will be ready to answer a question with a positive look. Even you are sometimes surprise with some question from them. You should also stay away from a negative tone or any argument during your interview.

Be careful of talking about your previous employer, they want a people who can solve the problem not to bring a problem. People can easily trick from this kind of question about the past. But don’t lie if you were terminated because the truth will likely come out and you have no chance to defense yourself about what happen.

Remember that the interview is always unpredictable and “We Don’t know what we don’t know” beat your fear and being confident. So, when the time comes, make sure you are well-prepared for this dream job interview. The opportunity might not come so often, you have to put in all of your effort beforehand if you really want your chance to get the job there.


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