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    Tips on what you should focus on and put on your priority list when creating your CV. One of the most frequently asked questions for job seekers are “How to make a good CV?”. There are actually some CV template that recruiters and employers are more attracted to. With the right tips to express yourself through your profile, you will own the power to appeal to those recruiters and earn yourself the right career move.

    Topics covered in this Video:
    1. Important things to remember when doing a CV
    2. Tailor a CV to a specific job application
    3. How long should a CV be?
    4. How to put short employment periods in a CV?
    5. Employment “gaps”
    6. Sales professional’s CV
    7. What are some “Pet Peeves” recruiters look for?
    8. Photo in resume

    This video is sourced from 5 Things Recruiters Notice First on Your Resume

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