What Does Recruitment Agency Do? (Video)

Here is the answer to the most popular FAQ.

1. What do recruitment agency do for their clients?
2. How many types of recruitment companies are there and how are they different?
3. Why can a recruitment company be more successful in finding people as supposed to a company finding candidates on their own?
4. How did companies choose recruitment companies to work with?
5. What can candidates and companies do to ensure that they are working with the right recruitment agency?
6. How does the search process begin and end?
7. What are some examples of the things that can go wrong with recruitment?
8. How does the recruitment agency find people?
9. Are there any fees for the candidate to use a recruitment agency?
10. What’s the difference between headhunter, executive search firm and a recruitment company?
11. How long does a search process takes?
12. What happen if a candidate leaves a job during the probation period?

Hope that we clarify everything here. But if not we are more than welcome to be contacted through [email protected] to answer any questions that you might have regarding recruitment and payroll, or staff outsourcing. We always have new openings here https://www.ssrecruitment.com/jobs

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