What Should Be and Should Not Be in CV?

f you are wondering What is CV? or How to make a good CV? There are many do’s and don’ts when creating a perfect resume which could critically impact your working opportunities if you mis-stepped any of these recommendations!


1. Contact information

The following information MUST be on the resume

Name: Make sure you put in your full name and not only your nickname

Address: This must be your current and correct address since this could determine if the recruiter will call you if you live far away from the offering workplace

Email: Professional e-mail address is essential

Mobile number: without this how would they contact you, right?

So, remember to keep this information updated on every platform you posted the CV​

2. Related work experience

It is very important for you to tailor your CV to the job position that you are going to apply. You don’t want the recruiter to read through the irrelevant work experience that will just throw you off the fence. Try to only include the experience that is related to the field of the position that you wanted. For instance, if you are applying for a Marketing position you would not want to put your experience as a part-time at a random day spa since that is SUPER irrelevant.

3. Bullet points

Try to be clear and concise on what you did. Use bullet points! They are easy to digest and that will keep the recruiter interest and to easily read through. Plus, you should try to avoid long and rambling sentences.

Here comes the interesting part on what NOT to put on your resume. Just remember these are the don’ts that are recognized worldwide!


1. Bad grammar

That would just show how lazy and careless you are. Try to be vigilant and check for any mistake before you hand those resume out. Even though having a flawless grammar on your resume does not really help boost your possibility of getting the job, but having bad grammar sure gives you no luck in that job.

2. Inappropriate email address:

Try to not use email that has silly or descriptive name like [email protected] or [email protected] that would just be hard for the recruiter to hold their laughs and that is not quite a good impression on you. Moreover, recruiters would not want to send job details or job offer to a company email that you worked for. Just simply create new and professional email.

3. Colorful text and creative fonts

Resume or CV should be simple enough to read just keep it real! In this point, we have to be empathy for the recruiters that have to read through hundreds of resumes in a day. If they have to go through ones that are complicated to read, they might as well just pass it down the trash.

4. Salary details

That is not an attractive view for the recruiters and that would just cut off the opportunity for your future works that offer less salary but more benefits and perks. You would want the recruiters to think that your salary base is negotiable.

5. Never lie on resume

This is just the most important and the most basic don’ts. Try not to conceal any facts too since if it reveals later things would get messy. Just imagine lying about a specific skill and then get assign to finish that job right away, how would that turn out?

Whenever you are thinking about applying for a job, it is not an easy task. You need to put in a lot of effort in order to gain significantly from it. By paying attention to little details and being logical about what you want to put on the resume is already a first stage of quality-showing for the recruiters. So, try your best to nail that resume so you can beautifully land on your dream job!

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