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    Getting a job offer is one of the most exciting part after a long process of evaluation. Still, the journey is not over yet, here comes another tough stage of job seeking. Evaluating a job offer requires careful consideration of many factors beyond just the paycheck. In this article, we'll talk about key things you should consider when weighing a job offer.

    Choose the right job (title/position) for you: before getting into a package, the first priority of a job seeker should be applying for the right job that suits your long-term goal and interest. You don’t want to end up being in a role that you do not like or do not imagine yourself in that path in the next 5 years, therefore, we suggest aiming for the right job, path and desired growth prospect.

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    Do research: it is also crucial to get to know your potential future employer as much as possible before you make a decision. Here are some factors people usually take into consideration when reviewing a job offer.

    • Opportunities for Growth: Evaluate the potential for advancement within the company and long-term growth. Consider factors such as career development programs, training opportunities, and potential for promotions.
    • Researching the company's market position, stability, recent performance and trend is essential. Consider factors such as industry trends, and potential for layoffs or restructuring in the short and long term.
    • Culture and work environment is also essential to take into consideration. Research the company's values, and reputation considering factors such as diversity and inclusion value, employee satisfaction ratings, and work environment. Determine if you feel comfortable and aligned with the company's culture.
    • Location: The location of the office can significantly impact your daily life. Evaluate the commute time, transportation options. Consider how the location aligns with your lifestyle and preferences.

    Salary Package: It is essential not to accept or decline an offer based solely on the salary. Consider the benefits package and the salary growth potential within an organization. If the salary is lower than you expected, there may be room to negotiate. Sometimes the compensation usually comes in terms of other benefits such as health insurance, allowance, bonus, stock options and others. Assess how these compare to market standards and your financial needs and keep in mind that to outweigh salary with benefits and other perks that come with the job.

    Take your time to review thoroughly: Employment contracts and terms should be reviewed carefully before accepting a job. It is not wrong to kindly ask the hiring manager for a few days to read through terms related to probationary periods, non-compete clauses, intellectual property rights, and termination policies. Consider consulting with a legal professional if needed.

    By carefully considering these factors, we hope these are useful for your final decision making. One last thing to keep in mind is that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to individual decision making. Evaluating job offers should align with each’s professional and personal goals.v

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