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    What Would You Do to Ensure You Get Hired? Ensuring you get the job is 100% about being prepared for the whole process. Really want to get hired? Does it sound complicated and tiring? Well, there are 3 simple steps we suggest you should take to make sure you land on the job you dream of.

    1) Find the right job

    My first suggestion to get hired is applying for the right position. Avoid overqualified positions that you are nowhere near the finish line, in other word, the roles that you wouldn’t be good at. It could be the job that is in unfamiliar industry or the one that requires something you don’t have.

    Recruiting process is not drawing lots which depend on luck. You must make sure that you can convince the hiring manager that you are valuable enough for that role. Another suggestion is not to randomly send your resume to every company, especially the one that you are unlikely to join. This not just helps save your time but also might save your opportunity in the future when your career path really comes across that company which you might be about to turn down the offer and might cause your name to appear on their blacklist.

    2) Convince the hiring manager

    Next step is getting ready. Prepare as much as possible. Do research on the company’s expectation towards a candidate and sell yourself through your CV. Highlight your skills and traits that show you are the right fit. You can also boost up your potential by getting recommendations. Once you get
    selected to interview, prepare yourself in advance. Study common questions asked by recruiters or hiring managers and practice answering them. This is the greatest opportunity to sell yourself by doing whatever hiring manager finds convincing. However, do not fake it. It is better to just pull out your traits that the interviewee wants to see. Doing too much or too little are no good. Another tip is dressing for the position that you applied for and don’t forget to bring your confidence to the interview.

    3) Follow up after an interview

    After the interview, make sure you keep updated with the result to show you were paying attention to the company, and you’re serious about the role. Sending a thank-you note to your potential employer for his or her time can also show off your manners. Whether or not you get the job, interview feedback still is beneficial to you. You can take it as a guide to improve yourself for the next position in the future.

    All in all, ensuring you get a job can be done in 3 processes. 1) Applying for the job best for you. 2) Do research and be prepared to sell yourself to convince hiring manager that you are the right fit. 3) Follow up with the result.

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