Which job is right and suitable for us? Let’s get to know more about yourself! (Video)

Talking about career path, at a certain point in life, people may wonder if they are currently doing well on the job, or if the job suit each other well enough, as well as questions we may have and not be able to answer like ‘How do I know which job is right for me?’, ‘Which job would take us to the right path?’ or ‘What factors do we choose a job from?’. In fact, we can find the answer from something very easy to see, which is our own self. Today, we, Smart Search Recruitment, would like you to observe yourself by answering these following questions.

Suitable Job

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

The activities that we like to do in our free time or that make us happy would perfectly tell us who we are. The answer to this question is not limited to academic activities only but could be any activity at all. Some people may spend their time creating and expanding their imaginations like drawing, writing articles, or playing music, while some people may like to use their knowledge of science or maths in calculating, solving puzzle, or playing mind games. For this question, we would like everyone to think about the activity you do that you feel time pass by so quickly without feeling the need to grit their teeth and endure it. Because if the job we do allows us to stay with what we like, we would be happy with it.

Q: What do your friends like to consult with you about?

This question will help you identify yourself through the perspectives of others who are likely to know what kind of job you would do well. It could be about business or investment because you are experienced and keep up to date with economic news. Could it be a fashion or beauty thing because you like and follow trends all the time, or about life problems because you are a rationalist and a good resort to people around you. This could help you to find the right and suitable job because what other people see in you could help you to be more aware of what kind of work is more likely to be good for you and to make people trust in your skills.

Q: What job you would not like doing?

It is surprising that many people cannot answer what they want to do. “That job would be great”, “This job could be a good fit”, or there could be a lot of options out there for you. On the other hand, when asked what you do not want to do, people would find it easy to identify what tasks you would never do. So, let us start by listing the things you do not like because at least it allows you to cut out some non-options.


Personality Test

Suitable Job For You


In addition to trying to answer the questions given above, you can also try a Personality Test, a psychological test, that will let you know your personality and habits. This test is often characterized as a psychological question where we choose the answer that is most related to us to assess what kind of person we are. This personality test is based on the theory of occupational classification by an American psychologist, John L. Holland, who invented the harmony between personality and occupation. The results of the test indicate the true personality, character traits, level of responsibility, and the aptitude and ability or talent of the test taker. Moreover, it can indicate takers’ firmness in decision-making and self-confidence too. In which people with different personality traits are suitable for different jobs and this psychologist has classified personality into 6 types of people as follows:

Realistic: Serious, assertive, determined, enjoys hands-on or manual activities, is a fighter. Suitable for occupations that can be done by yourself to achieve goals such as engine engineer, farmer, civil engineer, aircraft mechanic, repairman, athlete, forestry man, etc.

Investigative: Observant, like to ask questions and will try to find answers. Suitable for occupations that use analytical and computational skills, such as economists, doctors, planners, psychologists, psychiatrists, statisticians, detectives, etc.

Artistic: individuality, dreamer, loves freedom, does not conform to others, likes to think, creative. Suitable for careers that allows them to express through artistic works such as musicians, actors, acting directors, critics, architects, painters, photographers, etc.

Social: likes to socialize, likes work with others, has a volunteer spirit, cares about the feelings of those around, often want to have a presence in the group. Suitable for a career like social workers, nurses, community administrators, personnel departments, teachers, etc.

Enterprise: Enterpriser, honest, high leadership, decision-making, responsive, organized and likes to plan to achieve goals. Suitable for occupations such as businessmen, investors, presenters, etc.

Convention: Conservative, loyal, sincere, likes to follow conventions over self-initiation and is often a follower rather than a leader. Suitable for occupations that support others such as secretaries, administrative staff, accountants, auditors, etc.

This test is not only useful to guide to career choice for those who are searching for themselves, but it also benefits employers in terms of human resource management as well. Some companies even require applicants to take the test during the recruitment process in order to assess the applicant’s personality to see how they are likely to work and if they are suitable for that position.

right job for you

Finding the right path may not be easy, but it is not too difficult. We would like to encourage everyone to find yourself, try to answer your own question with every tool you have, because work takes up a lot of time of our lives. Therefore, we should choose what is really right and suitable for us, choose what we can do well and most importantly, choose what makes us happy.

You can learn more about this in the following video made specially from Smart Search Recruitment. We also provide English subtitle!

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