How Does the Executive Recruitment Process Work?

If you are a searching for a new job, it will help you to understand how the recruitment process works so you can get the most out of it and increase your chances of being hired.


Why does this matter you may ask? Even if you are reaching out to companies about jobs on your own, recruiters are still the people most likely to approach you about new opportunities. When we do, recruiters have to make sure that you will be a good fit for the company (our client), and that the company will be a good fit for you (the candidate). We are professional matchmakers after all.


If as a candidate you understand the process then you will be able to make sure we can find you and that you can then present yourself properly to companies that might be interested in hiring you.


The Executive Recruitment Process


3 groups of people are typically involved in the executive recruitment process. The recruiters (Us), the clients (Companies hiring) and you (the candidates). There are 7 basic stages to getting you hired.


Client has a need


When a company has a hiring need, they will either use their internal teams to find candidates or they will approach an executive recruitment agency like Smart Search to bring dedicated expertise and a large network to help them out.


At this stage, the client will share their brief which outlines the job, its responsibilities, their ideal candidate, their expected background and some more details about fit in company culture and suitable personalities.


As a candidate there is not much input you can have at this stage other than being on a recruitment agencies radar to begin with (read more about that in a moment)


Finding Candidates


Once we have our hands on the brief and a clear understanding of the positions needs, we get a start on the search for the right candidate. We will go through our personal database looking for past contacts and fresh candidates, we will visit job listings sites and search for profiles on social networks. These are all important locations for candidates to position themselves in. If we don’t about you or we can’t find you then you can never be considered.


Make yourself visible by submitting your CV to recruitment agencies and make sure you’re positioning yourself properly on Linkedin


If you are actively job hunting and haven’t been approached, you should submit your resume to our database here. We will review your profile and check whether there are any current positions which would be a good match for you.




After an initial search for we can start to compare profile against the jobs specific requirements in more detail. When that is complete we will have identified a group of candidates that we think could be suitable and then do a provisional screening to they are a good fit. Screening at this stage is just about getting to know you better, understanding if you are interested and letting you know about the opportunity This could involve a short interview with us on the phone, or a face-to-face meeting at our office.





Once we have finished the screening process and know who is suitable and interested in the new job, we then shortlist top candidates and prepare profiles ready to forward to the client. Profiles are an edited version of your resume highlighting key points and presenting you to companies in the best light.




Interviews can be a terrifying thing but what candidates often forget is that by this stage the hiring company already knows quite a lot about you. From your resume, to reading our profile to the briefing we give then on you following our screening they know who you are, your background and what you can offer them.


Interviews really are your opportunity to prove you are good as we think you are give a little more background on yourself. Don’t forget, interviews are also a two way street. You are interviewing the company too – you need to be sure they are right for you as you will be dedicating a large amount of time to them.


After interviews, clients will give us feedback on each candidate they have met and ask for our opinion on their thoughts. If the client likes several candidates you may be invited for a second interview so they can double check. If you interviewed well you may even be offered the job on the spot.





Once the client has decided on the best candidate, they will be made a job offer and (hopefully) you will have to decide whether to accept or reject it. This is where your skills in negotiation come into play. Knowing your worth and how to get a deal that is best for both you and the hiring company is a great skill to have (Check back to our blog soon for an introduction on negotiations) and something you should have in your tool kit.



Post-Hire Follow-Up


You’ve been successful in the interview process and have now started the job but our work is not over just yet. As recruitment consultants it is our responsibility to make sure that you are settling in well with the company. Mainly this is a positive thing and candidates are loving their new role. Sometimes though candidates don’t fit in as well as they had hoped and may choose/be asked to leave. We offer you support through both scenarios and make sure you and the hiring company are happy


Whilst the recruitment process may seem a little complicated and long at first, it is important to make sure that you are a perfect fit for the company.


Because culture and structure varies so much from company to company, it is our responsibility to make sure both you and the client are happy, and that your time spent with the company will be valuable for both.


The recruitment process is marketing. You make yourself visible, you show the right attributes and then you position yourself well so that the company is interested in hiring you. It’s nothing to be scared of and your recruiter will help you every step of the way.


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